Urban Options.

Are you an Urban Gardener? Many of us live in the city or close enough to densely populated areas that a traditional field of fertile soil is not available. Our gardening opportunities must be created and then nurtured and almost always in creative spaces. An Urban Gardener is a savvy, forward thinking purveyor of plants that goes out of their way to grow something special in a unique environment.

What was once a vast fertile landscape has been taken over by an overgrowth of concrete and steel. While some call it modernization and/or urbanization…the simple fact is we have lost our space to sprawl out agriculturally. Mountain Valley Seed Co. wants to promote the creation and maintenance of all aspects of Urban Gardening from the smallest rooftop space to the grow boxes in your backyard or inclusion in your community gardens. We value and support all of these options.

Look to our website for information on top of the line Greenhouses of all sizes, custom designed Chicken Coops to foster your very own organic egg machines or look to our Planting Tools for some great soil preparation ideas.

If you’re looking for seeds of course you’ve come to the right place but take a closer look at our selection of Heirloom and Organic seeds.

If you’ve scouted out a great location for your raised planting beds but have missed your growing season, a great off season option is delicious, nutrition packed Microgreens. Microgreens are used in cooking or as garnish or as a highly flavorful addition to soups, salads and sandwiches. If you’ve not tried Microgreen gardening…you need to, you will fall in love with it year round.