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Since 1974 Mountain Valley Seed Co. has been providing fellow passionate growers with a wide range of high quality seeds at wholesale prices. Our business has grown, but we are proud to still be a "little guy" and remain one of the few truly independent seed companies in the nation. We are still catering to the local grower, still operating as a small company and still supporting all of our local growing movements.

Whether you're a hard-core-old-school farmer, a back-yard- urban-gardener or an organic-local-food CSA grower, our extensive product line has a little something for everyone: from vegetable, herb, sprouting and MicroGreen seeds to wildflowers and exotic flower varieties. If you are looking for open pollinated (OP), heirloom or certified organic seeds we've got those. If you are looking for specialized hybrid seeds, we have those, too. If you need archive quality storage seeds, you've found THE EXPERTS. We even sell seeds to help you grow ginormous competition level 1,200 lb. pumpkins! But, if you are looking to purchase GMO seeds, sorry, you will need to look somewhere else. We won't sell any of those.

In addition to seeds, we offer a few goodies to help you release that urban farmer locked inside, such as highly efficient T5 grow lights, standard and custom built greenhouses and chicken coops and most of these items can be picked up or will ship within 24 hours. The variety of the products and seeds we provide is just as diverse as the growers, like you, our growing partners, that buy them.

We have something in common; we're all growing the future together.