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Native to Central America and Mexico, Ageratums do well in warmer climates and are easy to care for and maintain (although four species of Ageratum are native to the United States). Depending on the strain, this plant can grow up to three feet high. Benefits from deadheading. Great for beginning gardeners. May produce tiny dried fruits, but it is mostly known for it's fluffy flowers that come in lavander-blue, pink, lilac, or white.

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Ageratum Blue Danube Flower Seed
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Blue Danube Ageratum Flower SeedAgeratum houstonianumThis annual flower plant benefits from lots of sun and blooms well garden beds and borders, as well as thrives in pots and other planting containers. Blue Danube blooms in late summer/early spring and bloom duration lasts about 10 weeks.Height - up to 7 inchesSpread -6 to 12 inchesSpacing - 9 to 12 inchesType - AnnualBlue Danube is a fast growing annual plant that attracts butterflies and bees, allowing your garden to thrive in both color...

Ageratum Blue Hawaii 5.0 Flower Seed
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Blue Hawaii 5.0 Ageratum Flower Garden Seed Ageratum houstonianumThrives in warm climates, in containers or garden beds. This perennial is a great addition to any garden as a bedding or landscape cover. Blooms are furry and foliage is fuzzy.Height - 12 inchesSpacing - 3 to 9 inchesSpread - 12 inchesThis dwarf plant grows in tight mounds and benefits from full sun to partial shade.Approximately 187,000 seeds/oz. ...

Ageratum Blue Horizon Flower Seed
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Blue Horizon Ageratum Flower Seed Ageratum houstonianum Also Known as the Floss Flower, Ageratum flower seeds is an annual plant that produces large flowers from tenacious stems. Blue Horizon Ageratum thrives in full sun or partial shade areas and will compliment any area of your garden, especially along perimeter or near the border. Height - up to 30 inchesSpread - 6 to 18 inchesSpacing - 6 to 9 inchesAs a cut cultivation flower, Ageratum plants benefit from their blooms being cut, as this...