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Also known as Tassel Flower, Fountain Plant, and Joseph's Coat, Amaranthus is great for beds and borders but requires moderate care. The blooms come in the form of tassels that bend toward the ground. This plant is most popularly used in dried flower arrangements. Historically, it was used by the Aztecs in ceremonies.

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Amaranthus Early Splendor Seed
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Early Splendor Amaranthus Planting SeedsAmaranthus tricolorAlso known as Molten Fire Amaranthus, this annual adorns a deep crimson to currant shade, making it a great addition to any garden that needs a color that contrasts green. Native to Southern Asia. Benefits from full sun to partial shade. Height - 24 inchesSpacing - 18 inchesSpread - 20 to 24 inchesDepth - 1/2-inch, do not coverRequiring relatively low maintenance, Early Splendor is pest resistant, which makes it a great annual for...

Amaranthus Splendens Perfecta Tricolor Seed
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Tricolor Amaranthus Gardening SeedAmaranthus tricolorSmall oval leaves are colored in scarlet with green and yellow tips grow along the stem, creating a colorful plumage similar to a blossom. Originating from tropical Asia and Africa, this annual is very heat tolerant.Height - 3 to 4 feetSpread - 18 to 24 inchesOnce mature, the plant will resist drought more easily. Can be used in a variety of gardens as the feature plant, attracting the eye to its unique shape and color. ...