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Arabis is both a herbaceous annual or perennial plant depending on the conditions. Arabis has a dense growth habit with small white flowers littered among small, broad, green leaves. Makes a great ground cover as the plant spreads across the ground while it matures. Suitable for rock and apline gardens. Deer resistant and aromatic.

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Arabis Compinkie Flower Seeds
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Compinkie Arabis Flower Garden SeedArabis alpinaAlso known as Alpine Rock Cress, Arabis grows easily with low maintenance, filling in gaps in your garden on borders or between rocks. Benefitting from full sun exposure, Arabis bloom time is around early summer/late spring.Height - 6 to 8 inchesSpacing - 18 to 24 inchesSpread - 12 to 22 inchesType - PerennialsUnlike many flower garden plants, Arabis benefits from dry soil with a more sandy consistency. These tiny clusters of rose-pink flowers...

Arabis Snow Cap Flower Seed
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Snow Cap Arabis Flower Garden SeedsArabis alpinaOffering a sweet scent, Snow Cap is a perfect addition to any flower garden that needs space filled in and wants to attract bees and butterflies. Also known as Rock Cress or Wall Cress, this perennial is often used in alpine gardens. Height - 8 inchesSpacing - 8 to 12 inchesSpread - 18 inchesDepth - Do not cover, just press into the soilSnow Cap flourishes in a lot of sunlight. It is humidity tolerant and deer resistant. Requires moderate...

Flower Seeds - Arabis Spring Charm
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Spring Charm Arabis Flower Garden SeedsArabis blepharophyllaAlso known as Coast Rock Cress, Spring Charm Arabis is a great flower for beginning gardeners. Will thrive in beds and borders and in planting containers, letting off a fragrant scent that will attract hummingbirds and bees.Height - 4 to 6 inchesSpacing - 18 inchesSpread - 6 to 8 inchesDeer and rabbit resistant and can withstand drought. Grows in an upright, mound habit. Benefits from full sun and light shade ...