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Also known as Lady Cushion or Sea Pink, Armeria is a flowering plant that is suitable for xeriscaping, but will work great as a ground cover for any style of garden. Grows particularly well in temperate coastline regions.  Has a mat-forming habit with long needle-like leaves that are smooth and glossy in texture. Small saucer shaped blossom come in pastel pink and white.

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Armeria Maritima Series Seed Alba White
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Alba Armeria Planting Garden SeedsArmeria maritima Growing low, in mounds, this perennial works great as a way to fill in gaps to any style of garden. Benefitting from full sun to partial shade, Alba Armeria thrives easily in a variety of conditions. Height - Spacing - Spreading - Most common to the Northern Hemisphere, Armeria will grow plentiful with out a lot of maintentance.

Armeria Maritima Seed Series Splendens Bright Rose
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Splendens Armeria Flower Garden SeedsArmeria maritima  Also known as Sea Pinks, this hardy perennial is native to oceanic terrain, most notably seaside cliffs. Will thrive most anywhere in the northern hemisphere.Height - 8 to 10 inchesSpacing - 8 to 12 inchesSpread - 9 to 12 inchesDo not cover while planting. Remember to just place the seed about a half-inch into the soil. This plant will thrive naturally in any type of garden: rock/alpine, flower, or xeriscape. ...