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Artichokes have a reputation for being difficult to grow outside of the ideal conditions of California. Despite this reputation, it can be grown in most areas of the United States but it takes care, forethought, and a little bit of luck. Where in warmer climates they are considered perennials, in zones cooler than 8 they are best grown as an annual or dug up to overwinter in a protected place. Artichoke seeds should be started indoors 10-12 weeks before the last frost date. Artichokes don’t always grow true to type so it is wise to plant extra seeds so as to be able to select the seedlings that manifest the desired attributes. Most artichokes won’t flower/ fruit the first year so in areas where they are grown as annuals it is wise to trick the plant into thinking it is on its second year of growth by exposing the plant to moderate cold when a seedling. When planting artichokes in your garden, be sure to provide plenty of space for its spread can be up to six feet wide, especially when grown in areas where it will be considered a perennial. It is also important, as with all vegetables, to be sure they are planted in a full sun area. Mulch around the bottom of the plant to retain moisture.

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Green Globe Artichoke Garden Seed
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Green Globe Artichoke - Vegetable Garden Plant Green Globe Artichoke (Cynara scolymus)is a good cold-climate crop since it can tolerate frost. It will bloom during mid to late fall. A layer of mulch may help during winter in area that are colder than others. Harvest before bracts open--before the "heart" blooms. Cut the top one first and then the secondary ones as they mature. Watch Artichoke closely. Be sure to provide it with the care it needs. It will be a joy to watch it mature and to...