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Also known as Milkweed because some strains seep milky  sap or known as Butterflyweed because how it attracts butterflies. Asclepias also attracts bees and honey bees of the sweet nectar the blossoms provide. This perennial has a bushy growth habit, and the roots were used by Native Americans to treat Pleurisy.

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Asclepias Butterfly Weed Seed
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Butterfly Weed Asclepias Flower Planting SeedAsclepias tuberosa Attracts butterflies as the name implies. Both leaves and blossoms provide nectar and food for them. Native to the American midwest, this annual tolerates erosion, drought, and deer. Although the plant will sprout up easy enough, it may take up to three years to get a flower.Height - 1 to 3 feetSpread - 1 to 2 feet