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Asparagus is a perennial vegetable, which means it will come back from year to year without replanting. When the bed is properly prepared asparagus can last for 20-30 years. Because of this nature it is important to make sure the bed is well prepared before first planting it in your garden and make sure it has a place that won’t be disturbed from year to year. Look to plant a hybrid like Jersey Giant for a higher initial yield and an heirloom variety such as Mary Washington (considered to be one of the best heirloom varieties for asparagus) for longevity. Make sure that the ground is loose, deep and fertile. Amending the soil with compost will help with fertility and adding sphagnum peat moss will help lighten heavier soils. Fertility is important because a less fertile soil could lead to more fibrous stalks. To shave a year off your wait for the tender spears plant your asparagus seeds indoors 10-12 weeks before the last frost date in seed trays. Germination takes a while so soak the seeds in water and use a seedling warmer to speed the process. Asparagus plants are male and female. If you don’t intend to keep seeds for future use it is a good idea to remove the female plants as soon as they are identified as they will put their energy into making seeds and not spears. Do not harvest first year of growth.

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Asparagus - Jersey Giant Hybrid
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Jersey Giant Asparagus Garden Seeds Growing wild in meadow and on the sides of highways across the USA, Asparagus is a tenacious vegetable that is easy to grow. The Jersey Giant Hybrid that has been adapted to all kinds of climates, but tend to prefer subtropic to temperate climates. Height - 4 to 5 feetSpacing - 12 to 18 inchesSpread - 1 to 3 feet Always cut the stalk when harvesting, do not pull. This may damage the plant permanently . Don't over harvest. Weed by hand so you don't damage the...

Mary Washington Asparagus Seed
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Mary Washington Asparagus Garden Seeds After three years, Mary Washington will start producing the much desired vegetables. Green shoots with purple tips will thrive for up to 10 to 15 years after its initial resting period of three years. Height - 3 to 7 feetSpacing - 12 to 15 inchesSpread - 2 inchesAverage Growth Time - 730 daysDifficulty - Expert Mary Washington will tolerate rust. Before sowing, place seeds in water. When harvesting, cut it near the crown NEVER PULL. Don't over harvest....