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Native to the wetlands of southern India and commonly known as Waterhyssop, Bacopa is a succulent perennial that thrives in aquatic environments. The flowers come with five petals, usually white, that bloom atop of creeping foliage. Strains of Bacopa are used in fresh water tanks for pet fish. It has been used medicinally in India as a way to improve memory and overall mental function. 

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Bacopa Utopia Blutopia Seed
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Blutopia Bacopa Decorative Planting SeedsSutera cordataBacopa thrives in cooler conditions and requires no pinching or deadheading. The cascading habit spreads across the soil if planted in beds. Bacopa is a preferred plant for planting in containers because the plumage spills over the edge, making it a radiant decorative addition to your porch or balcony.Height - 6 inchesSpacing - 8 to 20 inchesSpread - 12 to 18 inchesDepth -  Do not cover, just press seed into the soilBlutopia...

Bacopa Utopia Snowtopia Flower Seed
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Snowtopia Bacopa Gardening SeedsSutera cordataThis first-ever bacopa from seed lets you fully mechanize your bacopa production. Growing from seed assures easy crop scheduling, quick turns, no need for stock plant maintenance and no pinching. Excellent selections for 4.5-in./11-cm programs and 10 to 12-in./25 to 30-cm baskets, suitable for outdoor performers in large planters and mixed containers. Supplied as multiseed pellets to produce two or more seedlings per cell. Height - up to 6...