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Balsam is primarily an annual that benefits from full sun to partial shade, adorning a double layer of petals that come in a range of shades: red, purple, pink, etc. Balsam is also known as "Touch-Me-not" because of its tendency to burst at the slightest touch at season's end. Thrives best when provided a substantial amount of partial shade. Suitable for pot and hanging baskets but require more watering.

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Balsam Mixed Colors Seed
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Mixed Colors Balsam Flower SeedsImpatiens balsamina The uniform petals create rose-shaped blooms in pink, violet, white, and purple. This annual flourishes outdoors in either garden beds or on borders. The bright colors contrast well with green foliage, making your garden a gem to behold.Height - 24 inchesSpacing - 6 to 9 inchesSpread - 18 inchesDepth - 1 inchBalsam benefits from deadheading and a full exposure to sunlight. It will attract birds and butterflies because of its faint floral...