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35 days until tops are mature and 55 days for roots. An older cultivar known for its sweet, stunningly beautiful dark red-purple tops and remarkable flavor. Directly sow very thickly and cut in about 28 days. Should regrow for another cutting if kept moist and well fertilized.

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    Bull's Blood Beet Lettuce Garden Seed

    Beta Vulgaris

    Bull's Blood Beet Seeds have been known to grow well in containers, flowerbed borders, and cottage gardens. They require full sun to partial shade, growing in clumps. This annual is great for an intermediate gardener.

    • Height - 8 to 10 inches
    • Spacing - 3 inches
    • Spread - 12 inches

    Leaves very hard and excellent in salad mix because of their contrast in color and bitterness in flavor to other greens. The Beet "lettuce" is said to have higher nutritional value than the already plentiful beetroot. Dark red roots of good sweetness and quality, yielding a plethora of uses in a number of recipes. Approx. 1,200 seeds/oz.