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35-60 days to maturity. Tall, vigorous, dark green stalks striped in maroon veins adorn glossy leaf greens tinged with maroon, excellent for salads. This garden vegetable produces deep red round beetroots that have several diverse culinary applications.

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    Early Wonder Tall Top Beet Garden Seed

    Beta Vulgaris

    This strain of beet is used as a first early variety of beet for mid-summer sowing and storage. Benefits from full sun to partial shade lighting. At 35 days, the "baby greens" can be harvested. At 45 days, the full leaf greens can be harvested, and at 55 days the roots are ready for harvest.

    • Height - up to 18''
    • Spacing - 1 inch
    • Spread - 12 inches
    • Depth - 1/2 inch

    Eat beet tops before any sign of wilting for maximum flavor. In most cases, the smaller the beet, the sweeter the beet, and the larger the beet, the more ‘earthy’ the beet will taste. Vinegar pairs well with beets, making pickled beets a great addition to many meals. Walnut oil pairs very well with warm beets. To minimize the beet color from excessive bleeding leave the stem plug in place and skin on while cooking. Many health enthuseists juice beets for health benefits.

    Approx. 1,200 seeds/oz.