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Discover a collection of books and media related to sprouting, gardening, fermenting, making nut milks, and much more.

Our literature and DVD's ranges from informational to instructional. We carry books that help folks who are interested in beginning to sprout seeds, plant vegetable and/or fruit, ferment vegetables, and grow mushrooms.

Everything you need to know about living a healthy lifestyle can be found here.

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Ball Perennial Manual
Price: $66.95
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Jim Nau Item #: MV-00756P -

Unravel the mysteries of seed germinations, divisions, cuttings, and other forms of perennial propagation. This "CULTURAL COOKBOOK" on herbaceous perennials contains valuable information of 149 genera and 300 species of plants. Specifically written for professional growers. There are many books on perennials, but none specifically written for professional growers.... until now. Features separate appendices on how to propagate various genera, as well as a source list of U.S. and Canadian firms...

Book: Gardening - An Ecological Approach
Price: $51.75
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Mountain Valley Seed Co. Item #: MV-10989P -

A hand lettered, signed and numbered, limited edition book by Fred Montague. Much more than a gardening manual, actually five books in one, this book offers a skillful blend of theory and practice that is essential reading for our times. Profusely illustrated with the author's captivating and original pen and ink drawings, the book is a work of art to enjoy in addition to being a valuable source of vital information.

Book: Homegrown Sprouts
Price: $25.99
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Mountain Valley Seed Co. Item #: MV-16093P -

Homegrown Sproutsby Rita "Sprout Lady Rita" Galchus A Fresh, Healthy, and Delicious Step-by-Step Guide to Sprouting Year Round. Sprout Lady Rita began sprouting in 1987 and is the owner of "The Sprout House." In her 153 page book Rita shares useful information and fantastic photos of every kind of sprout you can think of. She categories sprout varieties as she gives "step-by-step" instructions on the best ways to sprout and the best sprouters out there. The beginning sprouter will love the...

Micro Greens Garden by Braunstein
Price: $14.95
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Mark Matthew Braunstein Item #: MV-16024P -

Micro Green Garden - Indoor Grower's Guide to Gourmet Greens Micro Greens Book By Mark Matthew Braunstein A solid starters guide to growing microgreens. Focuses primarily on the soil based approach, but also covers hydroponic techniques. Covers everything from seed selection, to growing, light, water, nutrients, harvesting and more. Covers growing strategies from hobbyist at home growers to commercial growing operations. Offers a great crop-by-crop breakdown of dozens of different micros and...

Book: Microgreens - A Guide To Growing Nutrient Packed Greens
Price: $21.95
Availability: In Stock
Eric Franks Item #: MV-B-MG -

By Eric Franks & Jasmine Richardson. The original go to book on growing MicroGreens. This book covers a few different growing methods and covers many crops types in detail. The photos in this book are absolutely amazing and are worth the price of the book on their own. Chapters include: introduction, why microgreens?, health and microgreens, materials, how-to-grow ten-step process, individual crops, composting, recipes: food as art, troubleshooting, recommended books and resources and...

Book: The Kale Effect - A Leafy Green Cookbook
Price: $26.00
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Mountain Valley Seed Co. Item #: MV-11311P -

By Christina Bandaragoda, Ph.D, and Emily Miranda, LCSW Experience the Kale Effect! Increasing your servings of vegetables does not have to be an elusive mystery. Get ready for this cookbook to change how you shop, cook, eat, and live your life. Beautiful color photos of delicious and healthy foods focusing on kale. Softback, 81 Pages

Book - Mittleider Gardening Course
Price: $24.95
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Mittleider Item #: MV-16117P -

The Mittleider Gardening Course by Dr Jacob R Mittleider Provides simple straight-forward instruction and illustrations on the Mittleider Method. The most educationally sound gardening book available anywhere.Provides simple straight-forward instruction and illustrations on the Mittleider Method. Teaches all the basic gardening topics, plus 15 advanced topics such as cold-weather gardening, pruning for maximum yields, growing plants vertically, solutions to common gardening problems,...

Book: Why Suffer by Ann Wigmore
Price: $12.95
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Mountain Valley Seed Co. Item #: MV-19125P -

CD: The Mittleider Gardening Library
Price: $60.95
Availability: In Stock
Mittleider Item #: MV-16253P -

The Mittleider Gardening Library CD An entire library on one CD.. Includes all ten of Dr. Mittleider vegetable gardening books, and all nine of his technical manuals. Now you can read and study everything written about vegetable gardening by the great Garden Doctor himself on one CD ROM disk, and take it with you anywhere in your pocket or purse! All TEN books have been completely and accurately digitized, including thousands of pictures, plus every word, chart, and illustration. And depending...

DVD: Mittleider Gardening Seminars and Gardening Articles
Price: $13.95
Availability: In Stock
Mittleider Item #: MV-16118P -

The Gardening Seminar DVD/CD was produced by Jim Kennard, founder of The Food for Everyone Foundation. Jim has traveled extensively giving seminars on growing food and gardening around the world. This Seminar DVD/CD includes a 1-hour video of Mr. Kennard actually creating both soil-based and container gardens. Another video teaches the Six Laws of Plant Growth. In addition, there are 4 PowerPoint presentations used by Mr. Kennard in conducting workshops and seminars, plus several valuable Word...

Fresh Food From Small Spaces Book
Price: $26.95
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R.J. Ruppenthal Item #: MV-00743P -

A practical, comprehensive and downright fun guide to growing food in small spaces without relying on complicated and energy-intensive systems like indoor lighting and hydroponics. Readers will learn how to transform their balconies & windowsills into productive vegetable gardens, their counter tops into sprout and mushroom farms, and their patios into a haven for honeybees and chickens. Amazingly, almost no space is too small or too dark to raise food.

Greenhouse Gardeners Companion Book
Price: $24.95
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Shane Smith Item #: MV-16644P -

Greenhouse Gardener's Companion BookShane Smith draws on more than 20 years' gardening experience to offer commonsense advice for creating a charming and productive greenhouse. This revised and expanded edition features: Important things you should know before you buy or build a greenhouse.More detailed information on greenhouse construction, heating options, interior design, and adding solar heat to any greenhouse.Expanded section on natural pest and disease control, with updated...

Month by Month Gardening in Utah Book
Price: $21.95
Availability: Discontinued
John Cretti Item #: MV-00744P -

If you garden in Utah, this is the resource you need. Month-By-Month Gardening in Utah is written just for Utah gardeners by well-known horticulturist and gardening educator John Cretti. It's the definitive "when-to" and "how-to" guide for both beginning and experienced gardeners.

Phytosanitary Certificate - Federal
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Mountain Valley Seed Co. Item #: MV-03543P -

This phytosanitary certificate is required if requesting certain varieties of seed to certain locations. This certificate is often required for international shipments of seed. For more information please contact your local customs agency.

Product Catalog - MV Seeds - 2017
Price: $5.00
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Mountain Valley Seed Co. Item #: MV-18947P -

Mountain Valley Seed co. 2017 Product CatalogTo view and download a FREE digital copy of this catalog, please click here. Order our paper catalog for $5.00, and receive a $5.00 credit to your account for your next purchase!

Rodales Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening Book
Price: $26.95
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Fern Marshall Bradley Item #: MV-00747P -

Learn how to use natural and chemical-free methods to grow fruits and vegetables, perennials, annuals, bulbs, herbs, trees and shrubs and maintain your landscape all year-round. Now thoroughly revised and updated, this encyclopedia features new organic pest controls, improved growing techniques, the latest soil recommendations, and promising new garden trends.

Saving Seeds Book
Price: $14.95
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Marc Rogers Item #: MV-00748P -

Looking for something to add excitement and interest to your gardening hobby? Try raising and saving your own seeds! Saving seeds is a time-honored tradition that many gardeners are rediscovering. Anyone can become a successful seed saver - the only limitations are your time, space and interest.

Seed Sowing and Saving Book
Price: $21.95
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Carole B. Turner Item #: MV-00749P -

Here's all the information you need to start saving seeds from your favorite flowers, vegetables and herbs and even grow more plants next year. Dozens of charts and over 300 step-by-step illustrations show you how to determine when seeds are ready for harvest, how to collect them and how to store them.

Sprout Garden: Growers Guide by Mark Braunstein - Instructional Book sprout garden book, sprout grow guide, mark braunstein
Price: $13.45
Availability: In Stock
Mark Braunstein Item #: MV-BK-SGN -

Sprout Garden: Grower's Guide by Mark Braunstein - Instructional Book The Sprout Garden Grower's Guide by Mark Braunstein gives thorough step by step instructions on how to begin sprouting your own seeds at home. This book is an excellent sprouting source for both novice and advanced sprouters. Includes- Best way to grow each type of sprout How to grow at home Where to buy equipment and seeds Latest information on alfalfa sprouts Great compilation of recipes The Sprout Garden is an excellent...

Sprouts (Natural Health Guide Book)
Price: $11.95
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Kathleen O'Bannon Item #: MV-00753P -

This book was one of the early advocates in the raw food movement. Half of the book is sections covering the benefits and how-to of growing sprouts and the second half has 15 different recipes from smoothies, soups and salads to tacos. Paperback 62 pages. By Kathleen O’ Bannon CNC.

Sprouts - The Miracle Food Book
Price: $14.95
Availability: In Stock
Steve Meyerowitz Item #: MV-00751P -

Sprouts - The Miracle Food Book Let the Steve 'Sproutman' Meyerowitz show you the joys of indoor organic gardening. Learn how to grow delicious baby greens and mini-vegetables -- just one week from seed to salad. This guide can make anyone a self sufficient gardener of sprouts that are bursting with concentrated nutrition. Includes the most comprehensive nutrition charts on sprouts in print, plus common questions and answers, Seed Resource section, illustrations, photo's & charts. 196 pages,...

The Wheatgrass Book by Ann Wigmore
Price: $13.45
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Ann Wigmore Item #: MV-B2 -

Nutritionist Ann Wigmore explains everything you need to know about growing, eating and reaping the many benefits of wheatgrass. This book also contains easy-to-follow recipes for making the best-tasting wheatgrass juice.