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Canary Melons, named after their intense yellow hue, are sweeter than Honey Dew but soft like Cantaloupe. This melon is commonly grown in Asia and grows to a variety of sizes and shapes. When ripe, the outside takes on a waxy texture. It is packed with vitamins A and C which help improve vision and fights signs of aging. Canary Melons also contain fiber, which help keep your digestive track moving.

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Melon Canary Amy Hybrid treated Seed
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70 to 80 days. AAS Selection for 2004. This new hybrid produces eye-catching, bright golden yellow melons without netting or sutures. The radiant color indicates when the melon is ready for harvest. The white, fragrant flesh in noted for its sweet flavor and firm texture. Small seed cavity. Vigorous vines spread to 6 feet.  Approx. 595 seeds/oz.

Melon Canary Yellow Seed
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Mountain Valley Seeds Item #: TL-02667P -

100 days. The Canary melon is a brightly colored melon that is slightly larger than your average cantaloupe or honeydew melon. Its flesh is pale green with a delicate flavor that enhances the flavor of any fruit salad.