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Considered one of the world's healthiest foods, Celery provides low-calorie dietary fiber, which help keep one regular and helps keep excess weight off. Celery uses are countless. Medicinally, Celery is used to relieve pain and lower blood pressure. Celery is used in recipes all around the globe, noteably in Louisiana Creole as an essential componant.

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Celery Cutting or Chinese Growing Seeds
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Used in many Asian soups and stews, these pencil thin bright light green stalks can be harvested beginning at about 60 days and continuing through about 90 days. The stalks and leaves have that distinct celery smell and taste and can be harvested in the micro-green stage at about 30 days. The thickness of sowing would depend upon stage at which the stalks are to be harvested.

Celery Utah 52-70 Garden Seed
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Utah 52-70 Celery Vegetable Growing SeedsApium graveolens11 to 12 inch, dark green stalks are produced from this high-yielding vegetable plant.