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Field cover crops are a great way to sustainably and naturally revitalize soil, limit erosion, manage pests and help smother weeds. Both farmers and gardeners can improve yeilds and cut costs by planting cover crops. Mountain Valley Seed offers a great selection of field cover crop seeds including over-winter cover crop seeds. Let Mountain Valley Seed be your supplier. We offer bulk quantities for farms and smaller quantities for gardners and smaller plots. Always at wholesale prices.

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Austrian Field Pea Garden Seed
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Austrian Field Peas as a field cover crop: A low-growing, viny legume which has been shown to fix over 200 pounds of nitrogen per acre per year under good conditions in Idaho. Austrian Field Pea seeds are usually sown in the fall. In the intermountain states it over-winters well in most valley locations but can winter kill during long periods of sub-zero temperature with no snow-cover. Austrian field pea seeds also be planted very early in the spring about the same time as spring wheat....

Buckwheat Seeds
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Organic Buckwheat Microgreens SeedFagopyrum esculentumAlso known as Buckwheat Lettuce, Buckwheat, as a micro green, is very tender with red edges  and has a very mild flavor. Ann Wigmore incorporated Buckwheat lettuce as a regular part of her living-whole-foods diet.Soak - 8 to 12 hoursRinse - 2 times per dayPlant -  2nd dayPacked with Vitamins A and C, Calcium, chlorophyll, iron, lecithin, potassium, and amino acids, this microgreen is a staple among those who grow microgreens...

White Dutch Clover
Price: $5.00-$30.25
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Mountain Valley Seed Co. Item #: TL-08925P -

Dutch White Clover is a shallow-rooted, low growing perennial legume, well suited for lawn and pasture mixes, and as a field cover crop. For new lawn, mix at 5% by weight. As a cover crop sow 16 pounds per acre. Dutch White Clover seed is available in smaller quantities to bulk, all at wholesale pricing.

Cover Crop
Price: $6.00-$101.00
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Mountain Valley Seed Co. Item #: TL-18114P -

Cover crops are found to improve soils in several ways- by protecting existing soil, contributing organic material and nutrients, and keeping the soil alive year-round to ensure healthy composition. All of these elements were considered in compiling this carefully chosen blend. There are four legumes to set nitrogen in the soil, three hardy grains for rapid cover and bio-mass, a deep-rooted radish to help break up and aerate the soil, a mustard with natural insecticidal properties, and a great...

Grass Blend
Price: $182.00-$283.20
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Mountain Valley Seed Co. Item #: TL-10767P -

A blend of grasses selected to give effective erosion control and bank stabilization.  Crested Wheatgrass 25%, Siberian Wheatgrass 23%, Smooth Brome 20%, Intermediate Wheatgrass 15%, Orchardgrass 10%, Alfalfa 7%

Irrigated Pasture Grass - Seeds
Price: $137.20-$228.00
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Mountain Valley Seed Co. Item #: TL-10765P -

Will produce an attractive meadow effect where some supplemental water can be provided. Excellent forage. Tall Fescue 35%, Perennial Ryegrass 25%, Meadow Brome 25%, Orchardgrass 15%

Hairy Vetch
Price: $11.18-$182.00
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Mountain Valley Seed Co. Item #: TL-11337P -

Hairy Vetch is a legume that is widely used by growers in the United States as a winter cover crop, as it is both winter hardy and can fix as much as 200 lb/acre of atmospheric nitrogen. Gardeners often plant hairy vetch seeds as a cover crop (a nitrogen-fixing legume) as a companion plant to tomatoes, as an alternative to rotating crops in small growing areas. When it is time to plant tomatoes in the spring, the hairy vetch is cut to the ground and the tomato seedlings are planted in holes...

Winter Rye
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Mountain Valley Seed Co. Item #: TL-11454P -

Winter Rye is an excellent winter field cover crop because it rapidly produces a ground cover that holds soil in place against the forces of wind and water. Rye's deep roots help prevent compaction in annually tilled fields and, because its roots are quite extensive, winter rye also has a positive effect on soil tilth. Winter rye is often paired with a legume, such as vetch or field peas. Planting rate of winter rye is about 55 to 60 lbs of seed per acre.