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Dichondra is a flowering plant belonging to the Morning Glory family, used most popularly as ground cover because of its creeping growth habit. It is also suitable for hanging baskets as the plant will spill out of the container like vines. In the 1950's in Southern California, Dichondra was used as a lawn replacement as a to use less water. Still regarded as the perfect grass substitute.

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Dichondra Emerald Falls Plant Seed
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Mountain Valley Seed Co. Item #: TL-01733P -

Dichondra repens Rounded green leaves, heat tolerance and a dense, cascading habit make this a excellent choice for mixed containers and hanging baskets. Plants grow fuller and wider than Silver Falls, but not as long, with a 3 foot length. Can be used as easy to grow groundcover. 100 multi-seed pellets.

Dichondra Silver Falls Seed
Price: $17.00
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Mountain Valley Seed Co. Item #: TL-01812P -

Dichondra argentea Very drought and heat tolerant silver-stemmed foliage plant with true cascading habit. Covered with very small. Rounded silver leaves. Branches well without pinching. Grows 3 to 4 feet long or longer in long season areas. Also performs as low-growing, 2-3 inch, ground cover with planted in well-drained soils. Approximately 6,400 seeds/oz.