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Endive is a leaf vegetable from the Chicory family, which also includes Escarole, Frisee, and Radicchio. Rich in Vitamins A and K, Endive has two types: Curly-Leaf and Broad-Leaf.

Curly-Leaf has thin curly leaves that has a hearty green flavor. Broad-Leaf is less bitter and is used more commonly in cooking: chopped for salads, put into soups and stews.

Considered an Expert-level garden vegetable, Endive requires much attention and care. Endive matures via a two-step growth process. The plant grows for 150 days in the soil, and then is pulled and set in a cool, dark place for an addtional 28 days.

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Endive Broadleaf Batavian Seed
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Mountain Valley Seeds Item #: TL-01852P -

85 days. Escarole type. Broad, slightly twisted outer leaves form around 12 to 16 inch, tight-packed heads. Very deep heart is well blanched, creamy-white, and buttery.  Approx. 16,830 seeds/oz.

Endive Green Curled Ruffec Seed
Price: $5.00-$61.54
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Mountain Valley Seeds Item #: TL-01861P -

95 days. Recommended by USU. The 15 inch, prostrate plant has large, curled, deeply cut leaves. Heart blanches to creamy white. To blanche heart, tie up outer leaves 2 to 3 weeks before harvest. Resistant to cold wet weather.  Approx. 20,000 seeds/oz.