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Also known as Alumroot and Coral Bells, Heuchera is a very popular herbaceous perennial that thrives in shade native to North America. It is great for garden beds because of its unique clumps of ruffled leaves that come in vibrant shades of deep purple, bronze, green, and silver. Will, at times, produce long spiked like flowers.

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Heuchera Melting Fire Plant Seed
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Heuchera Foliage is a unique color to seed varieties - young leaves are bright blood red; strongly curled, mature leaves display intense purple-red with hot red center. Mounded plants produce very small white flowers on deep red stems.

Heuchera Purple Palace Seed
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Heuchera micrantha 18 inches. Perennial Plant Association 1991 Plant of the Year. Large, maple-shaped leaves of rich purple-bronze on top, pinkish purple underneath. Tolerates a wide range of soil types as long as good drainage is present.

Heuchera Ruby Bells Plant Seeds
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Heuchera sanguinea 16 inches. Tiny bell shipped flowers of intense red are held above the evergreen foliage May through August.