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Honeydew, with its smooth cream colored skin, is most commonly known for its sweet green flesh but there is also has a variety with an orange flesh. Whichever variety you choose, it is better in more temperate climates to start honeydew seeds indoors three weeks before transplanting outdoors. Bottom heat from a seedling warmer will aid greatly in germination rates. Also start seeds in a container that can be planted in the soil to reduce disturbance of the roots when transplanting. Before planting outdoors harden off the seedlings by exposing them to the elements in increasing increments for a week. Prepare the soil with compost to give plants the best conditions for growing and mulch around the plant when soil has warmed to retain moisture. As with other melons water evenly until fruit is getting close to ripening and then reduce watering by half to concentrate the sugars in the fruit. Be careful not to stress the plant because if the plant is stressed and then if it gets extra water from rain the fruit could split. Honeydew melons like other vining plants are good companion plants with corn. They can also be grown on trellises but be sure to support the fruit.

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Melon Honeydew Earli Dew Hybrid treated Seed
Price: $20.20-$92.20
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Mountain Valley Seed Co. Item #: TL-02702P -

80 days. Recommended by USU. Round, 6 to 8 inch, 7 pound smooth-skinned melon with very sweet green flesh. Vigorous vines yield plenty of fruit. Resistant to Fusarium Wilt. Approx. 1,060 seeds/oz.

Melon Honeydew Green Flesh Seed
Price: $1.69-$78.95
Availability: In Stock
Mountain Valley Seed Co. Item #: TL-02745P -

105 days. Flesh is emeraldgreen and sweet. An excellent shipper with hard, creamy white rind. Approx. 1,000 seeds/oz.

Melon Honeydew Orange Flesh Seed
Price: $6.12-$30.06
Availability: In Stock
Mountain Valley Seed Co. Item #: TL-02829P -

105 days. Sometimes marketed as 'Honeyloupe', this variety produces smooth 5 to 6 pound fruits that are nearly round. Delicious, sweet orange flesh with small seed cavity. Taste is between honeydew and crenshaw. Can be shipped at half to full-slip stage.  Approx. 1,000 seeds/oz.