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Also known as Candytuft, Iberis plants encompass annuals, evergreen perennials, and subshrubs native to the old world. With a low to the ground creeping habit, Iberis has been used as ground cover in garden beds. Small, round, white flowers appear on top of the foliage. The plant has been used by the ancients to treat rheumatism and gout, and currently, the stalks and foliage are used to make a tonic that aids in digestion.

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Iberis Candytuft Dwarf Fairy Mixture Seed
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Candytuft Iberis - Dwarf Fairy Mix - Flower Garden Seed Candytuft Iberis (Iberis umbelalata) has been used in a variety of ornamental gardens such as cottage gardens, container gardens, and hanging baskets. Iberis’ ability to spill over edges is coveted among avid flower gardeners. Candytuft Iberis is an annual in Zones 3-6 and a perennial in Zones 7-10. Dwarf Fairy Mixture is fairly easy to grow as long as it is provided enough sun and water. It will flower very quickly when it takes root....

Iberis (Candytuft) - Whiteout flower seeds, annuals, iberis seeds, candytuft seeds, dwarf fairy mixture
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