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Kohlrabi Early White Vienna Seed
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White Vienna Kohlrabi Garden Planting SeedThe bulb produced is pale green with tender, white, crisp flesh. Eat when bulbs are 2 inches in diameter.

Kohlrabi Purple Vienna Seed
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Prurple Vienna Kohlrabi Vegetable Garden SeedsCrisp, 2 to 3 inch bulbs have tender white flesh, and colorful purple skins.

Kohlrabi is one of the best kept secrets in the gardening world. Not only is it very easy to grow but it is a nutritious vegetable with a delicious celery like nutty flavor. It is a cool weather crop that tastes best when it matures during the cooler temperatures. Because of this as well as a reduced problem with insects, a fall crop is preferred but can be grown as a spring or fall crop. Direct seed Kohlrabi mid-summer or a month before last frost. When planting a fall crop in mid-summer, care must be taken to make sure the seeds stay cool and moist during warmer weather. They are heavy feeders so be sure to amend the soil with compost prior to planting although it doesn’t need a deep soil. They are fast growers, so buying started plants is not advantageous. Make sure kohlrabi gets at least an inch of water per week so that they don’t get woody texture and a hot flavor. They are not very susceptible to disease but to ward off any potential pests or diseases rotate crops. The bulbous stem can be eaten when it gets to about the circumference of an inch and a half to two inches.