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A Member of the Mint family, Lavender is found to grow naturally across Eurasia and parts of Africa. Known widely for its fragrant properties and most recently, for the use of its essential oils. Also, Lavender is known for the deep purple shade of its blooms, which have been used to create color pigments. Lavender is a great ornamental flowering plant that with not only add a beautiful color to your garden but a lovely fragrance.

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Lavender Common English Seed
Price: $1.89-$146.90
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Mountain Valley Seed Co. Item #: TL-02419P -

Lavandula angustifolia 2 feet. Fragrant leaves and blossoms for sachets and potpourri. Hardy plants with aromatic lavender blue flower spikes are lovely in borders in sunny, well-drained soils.

Lavender Grimes Garden Leader Seed
Price: $11.66
Availability: Discontinued
Mountain Valley Seed Co. Item #: TL-02449P -

Lavandula angustifolia 18 to 22 inches. Easy for the home gardener or landscaper to grow and enjoy. Full sun plant blooms

Lavender Mini Blue Seed
Price: $6.90-$17.90
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Mountain Valley Seed Co. Item #: TL-16124P -

10 to 12 inches. Very showey L. angustifolia for overwintered production, these compact, well-branched plants don't need trimming, ship well and won't lodge open in the garden. Highly uniform, high yielding and very floriferous, Mini Blue is bred for large-scale, overwintered pot production but also works well in first-year-flowering programs. Strong-stemmed, spreading plants produce many eye-catching flower spikes over rich gray-green foliage. Winter hardiness, cold tolerance and good...

Lavender Munstead Herb Seeds
Price: $8.32
Availability: In Stock
Mountain Valley Seed Co. Item #: TL-02507P -

Lavandula angustifolia 18 inches. A fragrant robust lavender that, due to its short size and tightly held blooms (about 8 inches), makes a great hedge. It can also be used for knot gardens. It flowers profusely in the spring, after which a good pruning will provide an attractive gray bush with highly aromatic leaves.