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Myosotis in Greek literally translates to "mouse's ear" due to the small flower petal resembling the tiny ears. In the northern hemisphere they have commonly been called Scorpion Grasses. Blooms usually come in colors of pink, blue, white, and yellow. Currently, Myosotis is the Alaskan state flower.

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Myosotis Forget Me Not Compindi Seeds
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Myosotis Forget-Me-Not Flower SeedsMyosotis sylvatica This biennial can grow up to 8 inches tall.

Myosotis Forget Me Not Sylvatica Seed
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Myosotis sylvatica  6 to 12 inches. Biennial or Herbaceous Perennial. This herbaceous perennial blooms from mid-spring to early summer with deep blue flowers. It spreads quite freely so if you want to strictly maintain its location be sure to deadhead before it goes to seed. Does well in full sun to light shade. USDA Hardiness zones 4 to 8.