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Also known as Mountain Spinach and Saltbush, Orach is a great alternative to spinach, coming in red and yellow varieties. Native to the Mediterranean hills and the mountains of western Asia, Orach can grow up to six-feet tall in the right conditions. Can be used for ornamental purposes. Yellow Orach is particularly popular in France because of it's velvety leaves.

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Orach Purple Garden Seed
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Also known as Mountain spinach, French spinach, Giant Lambs quarters. Touted as a warm-season alternative to spinach, orach is actually a cool-season plant that just doesn't go to seed (bolt) as quickly as spinach. Harvest leaves that are less-bitter than spinach into the summer. Purple varieties in particular make good ornamental plants, though can reach 4 to 6 feet tall. Caution: reseeds easily. Also popular as a micro-green, purple orach has a deep purple upper leaf with the shimmering...