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Our Roots

Mountain Valley Seed, Inc. has been in the wholesale seed business since 1974, offering Premium Quality Seeds for Flowers, Vegetables, Grasses, Herbs, Sprouting, Long Term Storage, and Wild Flowers. We have a well established tradition of supplying our customers with a large selection of premium quality seed at low wholesale prices.

Mountain Valley Seed markets seeds to both professional growers and to the retail market. We offer many varieties that are recommended by Utah State University Cooperative Extension Service.

The President of Mountain Valley Seed, Inc., Demetrios Agathangelides, grew up in Greece, attending the American Farm School there. He emigrated to the United States and graduated from Utah State University in Plant Science. He has been highly involved in gardening for over 55 years and loves researching, testing, promoting gardening, and working with plants and seeds as he does. His specialty has been the study and promotion of vegetable varieties for short growing seasons. Demetrios notes that these short season varieties should grow virtually anywhere. Demetrios has conducted hundreds of gardening seminars and has frequently been a guest expert on local radio gardening talk shows.

For additional information about long term storage seeds, sprouting seeds, varieties, or other services and products we offer, please contact us by e-mail, call our customer service department at 801-486-0480, or fax us at 801-467-5730.

When placing an order, please review our Term and Conditions. We look forward to the coming seasons and hope we can help make them profitable and enjoyable for you, our customers. We welcome your comments and suggestions so we can better serve you in the future.