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Also known as Flame, Phlox is a genus of over 60 bright, unique plants with bushy blooms. Found predominantly in North America, Phlox grows in many different climates. Some species flower during summer and autumn while other species flower in the Spring. Phlox covers all major floral hues: violet, bright pink, pale blue, white and violet.

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Phlox 21st Century Mix Seed
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Phlox drummondii AAS Award Winner for 1999. Vigorous lateral branches create fuller plants in containers. Trial results indicate exceptional weather tolerance and excellent flower production. Produces vivid colors through the season. Unique color mix includes bright solid crimson, scarlet, coral, blue and white, complimentary eyed and bicolor blooms.

Phlox New Hybrids Mix Seed
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Phlox paniculata 32 to 36 inches. Produces large flower heads in beautiful shades. P. paniculata are irregular when grown from seeds, but they produce exceptional types, some of which are worthy of propagating from cuttings.