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Commonly called Stonecrop, Sedum is a perfect addition to garden or xeriscapes in more dry climates because of the leaves' water-storing ability. Considered a succulent, this species is found native across the northern hemisphere, varying from flowering varieties to shrubs and creeping herbs. The flowering varieties often produce tiny, light-colored flowers with five petals.

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Sedum Acre Golden Carpet Seed
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Mountain Valley Seeds Item #: TL-04353P -

Sedum spurium  3 inches. Bright yellow star-shaped ½ inch flowers on a creeping plant.

Sedum Dragons Blood Seed
Price: $10.60
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Mountain Valley Seeds Item #: TL-08514P -

Sedum spurium  4 to 6 inches. Bronze-green foliage with bright rose star-shaped flowers.

Sedum Voodoo Plant Seeds
Price: $10.60
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Mountain Valley Seeds Item #: TL-04632P -

Sedum spurium  4 inches. Low-growing mat of intense red leaf color contrasting with bright rose flowers late summer through autumn. Long lived garden perennial groundcover.