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Soil Based Microgreen Starter Kit
  • Soil Based Microgreen Starter Kit
  • Sunflower Tray Greens
  • Dun Pea Shoots

Some select microgreens are difficult to grow hydroponically, but thrive in soil: buckwheat, pea, beet, cilantro and our all-time favorite: sunflower! This kit is soil based but can be used to grow microgreens indoors or out, even on your kitchen counter.

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    Soil Based Microgreens Growing Kit

    Some of our favorite microgreens don’t do well hydroponically and prefer soil. This starter kit includes everything you need (including soil) to start growing exciting microgreens like sunflower, buckwheat, pea, and others in soil. You will be harvesting your own delicious and nutritious microgreens in ten days. Your family and friends will enjoy this colorful, healthy and delicious new live food alternative.

    This kit is a soil based kit. Microgreens can be grown on any kitchen countertop, indoors or out. You can grow any microgreens seeds in soil, but most seed types are easier and cleaner using our hydroponic microgreens kit. Our deluxe microgreens kit includes both soil based, and hydroponic seeds and supplies.

    Each Soil Based Microgreens Kit Includes:

    • 6 - 21”x10” Growing Trays – These re-usable trays double as both growing tray and black-out dome. Our hydroponic approach doesn’t require drain holes in the trays, so no water concerns for countertop gardening. Enough trays to run 3 crops at once. You can easily section your trays and run multiple varieties at once.
    • 2 – 5 Quart Bags of Soil – Compostable . Enough to grow 6 trays worth of microgreens. Extra soil is available.
    • pH Test Strip Kit – Microgreens are sensitive to the pH of your water. This pH Testing Kit will easily walk you through the process of testing the pH of your water, and adjusting it (if necessary) using household vinegar or baking soda.
    • Spray Bottle – For the first 4 days, your germinating microgreens should be misted. This spray bottle is the perfect tool.
    • Assortment of Microgreens Seeds – Enough microgreens seeds in reseal bags for 12 trays of greens!
      • Sunflower – 45 Oz. (five 9 Oz. Pre-measured Bags) – Our all-time favorite microgreen. Crunchy, nutty and a perfect base for any microgreens salad.
      • Buckwheat - 16 Oz. – A tangy, exciting new taste. Excellent when mixed with sunflower.
      • Dun Pea – 16 Oz. – Another of our favorites! Fresh, sweet and crunchy.
      • Cilantro – 4 Oz. Bag – Fresh cilantro for salads, seasonings and salsa. Imagine never paying grocery store prices for fresh cilantro again.
      • Detroit Red Beet – Another soil-loving microgreen. One of the most colorful microgreens you can find. A great choice as a garnish and to enliven any microgreens salad.
    • Growing Instructions – Comprehensive, step-by-step growing instructions. Don’t have a green thumb? Don’t worry!

    Note: some seed substitutions may apply based on seasonal availability