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Stachys goes by many names, including Hedgenettle, Heal-all, Self-heal, Woundwort, Betony, and Lamb's Ear. This plant has been found to grow naturally in grasslands and forest edges, growing up to 2 feet high. Stachy plants produce small colorful blooms, and once it is mature, the plant's tenacious behavior keeps it growing.

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Lambs Ear Stachys
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Lamb's Ear - Statchys Ornamental Garden Plant Lamb’s Ear (Stachys lantana syn S. byzantina) is also known commonly as Stachys, or Woolly Hedgenettle, is a very popular ornamental plant suitable for planting indoors or outdoors. It gets the name “Lamb’s Ear” because the shape and texture of the white, silvery leaves are reminiscent of, well, a lamb’s ear. It tends to grow mound-shaped, and is very popular as a ground cover, under other perennials, border edging where it adds great contrast,...