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Commonly known as Speedwell, Bird's Eye, and Gypsyweed, Veronica plants are primarily native to the northern hemisphere in wide open area; however, a few species do exist in the southern hemisphere. Veronica is primarily cultivated as an ornamental ground cover. Several species produce small bright-colored flowers.

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Veronica Blue Bouquet Seed
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Mountain Valley Seed Co. Item #: TL-08519P -

Veronica spicata 12 to 15 inches. Easy to grow perennial; will flower the first year. Beautiful tapered blue spikes covered with numerous small florets. Deep flossy green foliage.

Veronica Sightseeing Seeds
Price: $10.95
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Mountain Valley Seed Co. Item #: TL-04992P -

Veronica spicata 28 inches. A mixture of pink, blue and white flowers on uniformly-sized plants. Upright plants can flower the same season if planted in February or March. Good for cuts or in a border.