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Zucchini is known to be a fast growing and prolific vegetable and it definitely has earned this reputation. Anyone that has planted this vegetable knows that one or two plants are enough to feed a family, the neighbors and perhaps the whole neighborhood. It’s a good thing that there are as many recipes for zucchini as there are. Zucchini is a warm weather crop. Seeds should be planted in hills after the risk of frost is past. If you just can’t wait for the first taste of zucchini you can start the seeds indoors 3 to 4 weeks before they are planted outside. If you do this you’ll want to harden off the seedlings by putting them in the outdoor elements in ever increasing increments for a week or two. Harvest zucchini when they are young and about 4 to 6 inches long. Towards the end of the summer you will need to keep a sharp eye on them because if you leave one on the vine before you know it, it can become a monster. When they become so big it reduces production and the skin gets tougher and will have to be peeled to be eaten. If you plan to keep the seed, be sure to isolate them from other squash because they cross breed readily.